What do you get when you mix 250 savvy women, lots of laughter, meaningful networking, and a free closet makeover for one fortunate winner?  You get a smashing night at our inaugural “Love Your Life” event in NYC.

I always marvel at how much energy comes into a room when women gather.  There were lovelies from age 12 to 72, sparkly jackets, funky scarves, shoes to remember and beautiful eyes galore.  It felt like a movie set but was really just a girlfriend gathering, and one we can’t wait to replicate June 3.

Image 9My dear friend Tiffany Whitford had us all in stitches, entertaining us with her tales of growing up Catholic, starting and losing her business, dealing with the IRS and her current adventures as general manager of the brand new Kate Spade store on Madison Avenue, opening this Friday (GOT to check it out, the services they have planned sound amazing, think cappuccinos and hair blow-outs if its raining.)  Her poignant journey of faith was the thread throughout that moved us all.

I shared a few truths about dreaming, including:

  • Every dream is do-able
  • Dreams tell our hearts we are living, not dying
  • Dreams connect you to the people you belong with
  • Dreams are a journey of ups and downs, lessons and tears, regrets and triumphs
  • You’ve heard of a “work in progress,” or “She’s a piece of work,” well I call you “a work of art in progress.”
  • Doing the 1-1-1 Strategy of one dream, one step, once a week is the key to making progress amidst a busy life
  • No relationship is an end-all-be-all, we have to dream for ourselves
  • When a door slams in your face don’t take it personal, there is a bigger plan at work, it’s not about you

There were great questions from the audience, including two ladies who sing for the Metropolitan Opera yet candidly expressed their lack of knowing their dreams.  Interesting isn’t it?  That they do what others dream of yet they, like so many of us, long for a stronger internal sense of purpose and direction.

I closed the night saying,

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be someone’s dream girl.  Well girlfriend, you are.  You are a dream girl.  You don’t need a man to tell you this.  I know you are a dream girl.   So my Dreaministas, get ready, get set, DREAM!!

We committed to becoming a company of women who gather each month and help each other soar in between.  Our city draws dreamers yet it’s easy to feel lonely and disconnected here.

So June 3rd here we come! We’d love for YOU to come, certainly if you’re in the city, and if not, why not make a special trip and join us for another unforgettable evening together.





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