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I was excited to receive this photo in the mail two days ago, along with the nicest letter from Mrs. Laura Bush, thanking me for helping with the Women’s Initiative as a mentor to my dear Nora Kaleem.

The Bushes are truly remarkable people, so down to earth and yet focused on changing the world.  Politics aside, I learn from watching how they focus on their passions to impact women in the Middle East, the AIDS crises in Africa, and a whole lot more than most of us will ever even ponder.

They could just retire and reflect on the past, but instead they rally people, resources, and the influence they’ve earned to make a difference in so many lives that might otherwise go unchanged.

One woman I met at the International Women’s Day events in March (that Mrs. Bush hosted in Dallas), lost her surgeon son in the plane that hit the Pentagon on September 11.  When I asked how she came to the event that day, she said, “They’ve been so kind to me through the years.”  What I heard strongest was what she didn’t say, but what I saw by the look in her eyes.  This is a couple who remembers the people who really matter when cameras go off and spotlights are dimmed.

So I’ll treasure this photo and even moreso the chance to rub shoulders with a couple I admire deeply…one we should all hope to emulate in impacting lives and pursuing our dreams.

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