I like to think of myself as organized, but am finally resigned to the fact that yes indeed, I’m a pile person.  Sadly, or maybe fortuitously, my husband is too.  Good thing — our piles don’t get on eachother’s nerves.  Bad thing — we’re of no help to one another in getting rid of said piles!

Eventually, the piles just gotta go, like today, after working around them for almost a year!

Our new marketing assistant, Amy Lentz, interned for us two summers ago and helped with the original MAJOR home office overhaul. Today she attacked our piles again, and what a JOY to see my beautiful desk reemerge.  Other assistant Whitney, and Ron’s secretary Pam, are both super heroes, having kept the piles at bay until now.

Here are a few before and after shots of our original office redo, in honor of today’s pile-high-rebound back to beautiful.

Cluttered piles, bad wall color…

A before-new-decor shot, granted some of these boxes were part of prepping for redecorating but still, no doubt we tolerate piles!

This morning, dreading these piles, “You’re too busy to really dive into details.”

After, now this is what I’m talkin’ about…clean and white and bright and a workspace to  love sans piles!

What a treat having a clear view of Ron and our boys on our wedding day (I prayed for one man to love and got five!!)

Thank you Amy, your organization skills ROCK, then and now!

Let’s hear it for pile people who overcome!!

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