Giving Your Way Out of Grief


The journey with our son Jordan, who died 5 years ago after a valiant battle with cancer, taught me about a different type of giving worth pondering on this #GivingTuesday.

While many were sending flowers for the funeral, someone suggested we ask people to give to what Jordan cared about more than flowers — “unreached, unengaged” people groups in some of the darkest nations in the world.

Since then, what started as a random idea has became far bigger than our family could have ever imagined. We call it Jordan Lewis Missions (JLM). Ron and I share the JLM story via a new podcast in the link below.

Small, large, and every-size-in-between gifts have resulted in…

– 4 churches started in the large tribe Jordan was in right before his diagnosis
– 3,517 underground churches formed in nations that heavily persecute Christians
– 10 church buildings constructed in India for the unreached
– 95 house churches now serving Syrian refugees
– 102 water pumps have brought clean water in Pakistan
– And so much more…

Considering we have no staff, this is beyond explanation! On this #GivingTuesday it’s a reminder that wonderful things can come out of the darkest loss and despair.

Whatever losses or heartaches you’re experiencing, I hope you’ll keep giving because nothing does more good for the heart and soul.

Stuck or Trapped

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