Before I had my own sweetheart, it always meant the world to me when  friends thought of me with a special gift on Valentines Day…

I’ve teamed up with the talented design duo of Tom and Cheryl Stiegler of bAd Nola Designs in New Orleans, for an original ring design that complements my book, Remember the Roses — How to Hold Out, Hang On, and Marry the Man of Your Dreams.

I’m excited to offer a special Valentines package for just $35, which includes this fashionable ring in your size, beautifully wrapped in a red silk pouch, plus a copy of my book.

I love the quality of this ring in heavy gauge pewter, so beautifully depicting the Road with the Roses, a dream that inspired my journey of waiting for marriage until age 42.

You can place your order via [email protected], please indicate your size (5, 6, 7, 8, or 9).  Note: you can make it slightly smaller or larger as the open gap on the top of the ring is somewhat pliable.

What a perfect present for someone you know who is still waiting for an engagement ring, or would love a ring of roses as a special keepsake, reminding them that holding out for the best is worth it.

Many women dream of their engagement rings, I was no exception. Interestingly, engagement rings were not popular in the U.S. until the mid 1930’s after the diamond industry launched a massive marketing campaign. Now 80% of all engagements involve a diamond of some sort.

Until you get yours or even if you already have one, my new Remember the Roses ring will be perfect for either of your lovely hands. Happy Valentines Week everyone!


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