It was about this time in December when a friend called with the question,

“Lynette, do you still want twins?”

“Why are you asking?” was my first hesitant response. At 52, I felt way past this dream.

Turns out a “suddenly” was about to unfold.

I share what happened next, and the years of tears beforehand, in my newly recorded podcast (link it) about our fertility journey. I hope you’ll listen and send to anyone you know who is waiting for a breakthru.

Why do so many things take so long?? Things we felt certain would happen so fast…

  • The promotion
  • Finding “the one”
  • A pay raise
  • Getting pregnant
  • Anything else we want NOW!

While a breakthru may happen suddenly, the ramp up usually takes years.

Meanwhile, keep dreaming. Don’t ever stop believing, but maybe put your belief on a back burner and concentrate on what’s in your hand.

Make your waiting active — more like a waiter at a restaurant than waiting (staring) at a stoplight.

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