After an INTENSE two weeks in Tulsa and OK City with our dear Jordan and Cady, we’re stepping back into our regular lives, at least briefly, to pick up projects and focus on work again.

I’ve learned over the years how important it is to restore and recuperate after intense seasons of pressure and stress. While taking a vacation somewhere on a beach is where I’d really love to be, it’s not usually feasible, so here are a few ways I “get away” without leaving…

Slow Down — just the simple act of not rushing, taking time for a cup of coffee in my own kitchen with a favorite mug, can feel like a mini little getaway moment. I ponder, think, pray, and let my heart and mind wander away from the urgent to the imaginative.

Look Away — This morning just gazing at a favorite piece of art in our bedroom, nurtured my soul. Having beautiful things in our home, office, and outdoors that stir our hearts is so crucial.

Run Away — Not literally running away, but running through Central Park or in the Raleigh neighborhoods does wonders, even when my legs and back hurt (like today!) Running may not be your thing, but something will be. Find what refreshes and reminds you of the bigger universe and our great big God who shepherds it all.

Eat Away — No binging here, but maybe a delectable little somethin’ that tickles the palate and cheers. Like last night after church my friend Tiffany and I went to a darling little Italian restaurant on Broadway, ordered paper-thin pizza and the most delectable chocolate mousse known to mankind.

The God of all strength rested on the 7th day and commands us to do the same (it IS one of the ten commandments, “Remember the Sabbath Day…”), so let rest come to your beautiful soul as you start another week.


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