I’ll always think Princess Diana was an iconic beauty, pictured here with her oldest son William, now a new dad himself!

I personally enjoy all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the new royal baby born yesterday to Kate Middleton and Prince William of Britain. It’s fairy-tale like and intriguing to watch.

I’m sure lots of discussion and thought went into every aspect of this joyous announcement, and it strikes me how the concept of “preparing” is a fabulous way to endure “waiting.” Every pregnant woman knows that for 9 months you’re not just enduring, you’re getting ready.

This has helped me a lot through the years, shifting frustration from long wait times to a sense of action and empowerment in getting ready for what’s to come.

Now granted, Kate knew her baby was coming and often we don’t know what lies ahead.  Still, by doing everything we can to prepare during a waiting period, we become more equipped and more multi-dimensional, whatever may come.

Ways I’ve prepared over the years…

  • Learning to cook
  • Getting in shape and fit
  • Reading books on parenting and marriage long before either came my way
  • Traveling…who says you need a spouse or lots of $$ to travel?
  • Working long hours and focusing on training, it’s easier to do this while you’re young, so later you can enjoy benefits of your credentials, with more flexibility
  • Studying the Bible whether I feel like it or not. Did your mother ever say, “Eat now because we won’t have time to stop later on this road trip?” Mine did, and that means taking in the Word of God now so when crises or trials hit, we’re already “fed” and have something of power and value to pull from.
  • Living it up in the here and now. Moments pass quickly and I’m determined to not let one go by without savoring the richness, even through the boredom.

One of my favorite I Love Lucy shows is when Ricky and a very pregnant Lucy rehearse all the steps in getting her to the hospital for the delivery. It’s so funny and they end up being in a bit of chaos in the end, which proves you cannot predict everything that will  happen. Still, prep is power and worth the effort, vs. sitting back hoping it all pans out in the end.

So congratulations Will and Kate, and congrats to YOU too, as you prepare for some royally wonderful things certain to come.



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