This blog is about doing our dreams (among other things), SCTNow is one of my biggest ever…

For the 4th year in a row, abolitionists around the nation are walking in the month of October to Stop Child Trafficking Now.  Today was the walk in Raleigh, and it was my personal privilege to address the crowd on the campus of North Carolina State University.

I never tire of sharing our story, how we began, and the difference thousands upon thousands of fellow passionate believers are making in this war against a heinous crime.

Perfect weather, and perfectly faithful volunteers and walkers made this event another successful investment in freedom for innocent lives.  Thank you to everyone for doing your part! 

With Michael Sanders who led the Raleigh Walk efforts, his first time planning an event like this, what a GREAT job he did!

Fun seeing the Buckmiers…something to do as a family!

Sun in our eyes, hope in our hearts to put an end to this atrocity.

David Stremic sporting the very cool shirts this year.

Stacy Pardue, chaplain at Meredith College, had 28 of her students walking, loved meeting her!

The ones who make this work!

Kendall Hankins with David and Cathy Sevier, some of our dear KPIC friends.

Sharing some of the story…

Awesome marketing assistant Amy Lentz spoke as well, sharing how she started an SCTNow chapter while at Vanderbilt, and how students can be informed and do more.

I don’t know the name of this little girl, but seeing her reminded me of why we fight, walk, give, and labor….so that innocent little girls and boys can go free and live free from the fear of being victimized.

Yes the war is hard, long, costly, and complicated, but we cannot and will not be deterred or quit.

Please visit the website and learn more about our unique approach in fighting the demand side of the issue, and what you can do.

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