20 years ago my self-care looked like this…

– Wake up early for a run in the Park.
– Shower then coffee and devotions before work.
– Saturdays sleep late, explore NYC (shopping, browsing).
– Sunday Brunch with friends after church.

These days my self-care is more like…

– Keeping my environment beautiful with fresh flowers.
– Trying new recipes for family dinner.
– Meeting a friend for a run (combining two things I love to have time for both).
– Quick devotionals when the day allows and monthly church “connect group”

These contrasting seasons of self-care have both been fun, fruitful, and mostly satisfying, but how different they have been! Why is it self-care seems so attractive and glamorous yet often feels just out of reach?

I’d sum up self-care with this: Just go with it! Take whatever moments you can to feel like a beneficiary. Sometimes (like today) it means baking a Trader Joe’s frozen croissant in the oven while working from home, because it reminds me of going to Paris.

One evening last week I got dressed up for a women’s networking event at Diane von Furstenberg’s gorgeous studio downtown. Barely had the strength to shower and put on makeup, but off I went and returned three hours later feeling refreshed and very cared for.

My BFF Toni who has 10 children used to call me from the bathtub, late in the evenings after all her kids were in bed, saying, “You know I can’t make it without my baths!” I knew she was right and loved that she hadn’t lost her self-care amidst her childcare.

Though self-care in my days gone by could last up to 5 hours, now it’s mostly 5 minutes! Nonetheless, I’ve learned that every minute counts and is worth making it count in ways that keep a heart and spirit alive.

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