Shareen Vintage is one my top go-to shopping spots in NYC.  Nestled in a charming brownstone in the heart of Chelsea, the rooms are lined with racks of treasures, many slightly modernized for the today-girl-vibe. 

I’ve purchased numerous dresses — for work, casual outings, dress-up, most for about $45 each, which is a steal anywhere, especially in New York.

Founder, Shareen Mitchell, writes an entertaining newsletter and I enjoy her personal words of wisdom.  She’s quite a character with a deep soul. A recent one was especially good so I’m sharing it here.  There have been many junctures in life when these rules would’ve helped a whole lot. Thank you Shareen, I’ll be back to your wonderful store soon…

(courtesy Shareen Vintage Newsletter)

Rules on change:

1. Humbly admit that you are stuck
2. Talk to everyone you know and everyone you don’t about what it is you want to change,
    or how it is you want to grow.
3. Follow the advice given.
4. Say yes to every opportunity offered you even if you don’t see the connection.
5. Be curious always about the connectivity of all things.
6. Whenever or wherever you find yourself confused exercise steps number one and two.
7. Hold YES in your heart, and keep all that say NO away from that dear space.

8. Lift your chin up as often as you remember and whisper “Thank you.”  This is the most important step.

A couple of my fave Shareen purchases…
Wore this lovely red number to the Charity Water gala, it’s a fun pinkish cherry red, tissue crepe (gotta have some spanx for this one!)

This vintage Valentino was perfect for our oldest son Nathan’s wedding in Scotland, dancing afterward tore the one sleeve though, alas Scottish Ceilidh (“kay-lee”) dancing!
Working this heavy polyester dress and belt for a Network of Executive Women speaking event
Sewed this one in slightly on the sides to make it a bit more form-fitting
Wore this to our youngest son’s high school graduation, so glad polka dots are in big for this fall, throw a cute sweater over it and it’ll go into cooler temps just fine.
A fun fact about Shareen Vintage (the NYC location) is when they’re open they hang a red dress out of the window, a creative way to let insiders know it’s time to come on in!
Happy Vintage Shopping!

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