I had several meetings yesterday and always enjoy the good fortune of beautiful sightings in NYC.  You all seem to like photos from my jaunts so here you go…

Fun friend Megan Alexander (of Inside Edition fame, stay tuned for some GREAT plans she and I are putting together for NYC women!) suggested we do breakfast at the old Essex Hotel (now the J.W. Marriott) on Central Park South, a perfect choice and I’ll be back.

I love grand hotel foyers that greet you with fresh flowers. The varying heights, textures, and colors in beautiful containers are so stunning. Baby’s breath is typically not in vogue BUT in large bunches in the round sphere glass bowls it passes the “gorgeous test.”

Large beau arts style doors are like surprise gems jumping out around several hallway bends.

I posted this photo yesterday on Instagram then read the info next to it on the artist who did two large photographic art pieces, both of Central Park.  “Korean photographer Atta Kim is known for his luminously beautiful long exposure color photographs. He uses painstakingly precise 8 hour-long exposures with a fixed camera shooting continuously. Anything within the frame of the camera that is not fixed in space disappears. Movement can register as light, but rarely do you see a body.” Both these art pieces are spectacular, they remind me of a similar small picture my grandparents used to have, though these are on a much grander high-dollar scale.  Sure wish I could do this at home!

You all know my weakness for chandeliers and this hallway did not disappoint, especially this one with the gold-domed ceiling above.

Old Hollywood glamour seating area with white leather banquette and crystal lamp, especially drawn to the roses carpet in true “Remember the Roses” style!

Another seating area, this carpet more beautiful than the photo shows.

Gorgeous wall of juxtaposed mirrors and lamps, in the dining room.

A quick pop into the MacKenzie-Childs store on W. 57th…This new carpet design is truly magnificent, now to find a spot that needs this, loving that little funky bombay chest too.

John Derien is well known for his decoupage plates, paper weights, and such. Bergdorf Goodman has a beautiful nook shop featuring his items on their 8th floor and this wall collection took my breath away, each tray-shaped plate fitting into a puzzle like display. The silhouette plates are kitschy cool too, not to mention that funky owl.

Finished up at Bergdorf’s with a new spring pair of shoes in the gladiator bootie style, love the fun packaging in my signature color, by designer Isa Tapier. First time hearing about her, surprising how comfy these booties really are, will wear with rolled up faded jeans, skirts, leggings, sky’s the limit!  Dear friend Tiffany Whitford who manages the 5th floor of contemporary designer clothing/shoes at Bergdorf’s helped compel me toward this purchase.  Thanks Tiff, you’re a TRUE friend 🙂

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