Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine being single until the age of 42. Rather, in my Type A, first-born, choleric personality, here is how I knew it would go:

  • Meet Mr. Right in college
  • Marry at 25
  • Have two girls and one boy by the age of 35
  • Raise a family while simultaneously using my television degree in some way
  • Enjoy marriage and family life, entertain other families in our home
  • Instead, college graduation came and went with no sign of Mr. Right anywhere. Meanwhile, most of my girlfriends did find theirs in college. So I threw the showers, stood up in the weddings, celebrated their joy in fulfilling MY dreams.

    Every year I thought, “This is my year,” but alas, years came and went.  So, seemingly, did all the great men.

    Somewhere along the way I knew I had to make a choice. Would I enjoy this season of singleness, regardless of how long it lasted? Or would I bemoan and grow more bitter with each passing year?

    Thankfully, I chose joy, hundreds of times, over and over, often amidst heartache, tears, and unanswered questions of why it was taking so long.

    Now married to my wonderful husband for nearly six years, am I ever glad I fought to find joy before he came. Because, interestingly, the fight for joy is not unique to singleness. Every season has its gifts and challenges that so easily steal hope and joy, married or not.

    I’ll be writing much more about this topic in the weeks to come so please keep checking back. You may also enjoy my podcast series Single in the City.  I would love to know your thoughts, questions, or ideas for HOW to stay joyful while you wait.

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