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This time of year friends start asking me what’s next in fashion for Spring.  Here are my fave picks this season and what I’ll be adding to my wardrobe if I haven’t already.

White — I love white and am very glad that after much searching last season, I found a beautiful tailored white suit at The Limited for less than $100.  You’ll find lots more of it this season as white was everywhere on the Spring runways in dresses, crisp shirts, and suits.  Even white shoes are prevalent though I doubt I’ll go that direction since I love camel or skin-colored pink that works with white or most everything else.  If I was going to buy white shoes it would definitely be Brian Atwood’s Maniac patent leather pump which sold out immediately at Saks.

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Bright Colors — Whether in shirts, colored jeans, or in graphic prints with blocks of color, this is the season to add bright touches to your wardrobe.  Forever 21 is sure to have lots of neon tees, and I’ll definitely be donning the bright yellow sandals I found on sale two seasons ago.  Hot fuschia pink, shamrock green, lemon yellow, and intense aqua blue are guaranteed choices I can’t wait to wear.

Stripes — They’re everywhere, thin, wide, horizontal, vertical, on t-shirts, skirts, in all colors, gotta have ’em.

Wide Belts — Most of us will have a few of these left from earlier years, put them on long dresses (another trend) or full lacy blouses (another trend) for a pulled together look.

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Natural Elements on Shoes — Lots of rope, burlap and feathers all over shoes this season, adding a touch of fun and flair to my favorite accessory category.  Last year I was a bit reluctant to wear my feather sandals, this year not at all.

Wide Leg/High-Waisted Jeans — So glad to find these a year ago at Express.  The silhouette is key here, if you’re short like I am be sure the leg is narrow until it gets about a foot off the floor and then flairs out, otherwise we shorties look like a big glob of flowing denim instead of having the bell bottom look that is so on-track now.

Nail Color Trends — Chanel nail polishes are way over-priced, but they do come up with colors often hard to find in other brands.  For example, I’m loving the Black Pearl that is part of their spring line, it’s actually more of a dark teal than a true black, it goes with everything and I’m wearing it on fingers and toes.  I saw this light blue Rive color earlier this season and will start enjoying this one as temps get warmer in April and May.

So my fellow fashionistas, let Spring begin in all her glory…..

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