A few of the great women from Rubbermaid, "Building Personal Brand" workshop in Atlanta

Doing work we love and are passionate about can seem like a rare perk enjoyed by just a few.  I always imagined I’d graduate from college, find a great first job with a boss who recognized my gifts, and move into a career path with promotions and financial rewards.

Through my 25-year career I have had some great bosses and enjoyed many tasks, but daily fulfillment and passion have often felt elusive.

This lack of fervor has led me to press in for new insights and tools on how to enjoy my work NOW, not waiting on circumstances or people to change in order to love what I do.

I have packed the pages of my book, “Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos,” with my 10 best strategies for finding success and satisfaction at work.  Here they are in “snippet form” to give you a flavor for the practical tools that have helped me and thousands of others enJOY working day to day.

Know Your Purpose/WHY you are here –Once we know WHY we are here (in the world, this city, this job) it is amazing how much energy comes and what a sense of destiny we feel.  Even the most mundane tasks can contribute to a bigger plan IF we know what that plan is meant to be.  I provide a few tools and exercises for writing a personal purpose and then aligning it with the job you have now.

The Power of a Personal Board –Organizing your relationships into a simple yet powerful form, similar to a Board of Directors, can leverage all the skills and influence you have around you yet may not be proactively pursuing.  This is EASY and anyone can do it.

Build a Strong Personal Brand –Everyone has a brand, including you.  The challenge is knowing it and using it to achieve your dreams.  There are several ways to do this and I show you how.  This content is part of my most requested workshop I bring to many companies every year, including 4 Principles of Promotion (Want to get promoted even if your boss doesn’t take the lead?  You can if you do just a handful of things right.)

Staying the Course When You Really Want to Quit – There have been many seasons in my career (years at a time) when I felt unrecognized, unrewarded, and underpaid.  Looking back though, I found a few practical ways for discovering joy amidst the sorrows.  You can too!

Dream Relationships –Life is full of relationships!  Some we are GIVEN, some we go GET, some we LONG TO HAVE.  Relationships are what bring the richness, meaning, and pleasures to life.  Each season of life with its needs and interests yields new friends.  As Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “A man’s growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends.”  I have had many a choir and love the sound of each.

At our annual PureLife Conference I spoke on “Four Friends For Life,” highlighting four essential friendships we need to make it through.  These include:

  • The Beginning Friend
  • The Break-Through Friend
  • The Be-Happy Friend
  • The Believing Friend

You can download this message if you want to hear more.

Pick up your copy of my book today, and keep visiting this section for more tips and ideas on knowing and loving what you’re really meant to do!

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