There comes a point in life when you look at all the pain in the world and simply stop hoping something will change. You decide I WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. You don’t know how you’ll find the time or resources, who will join your efforts, or when you’ll see results, but you simply decide to do something.

This is exactly how the SCTNow campaign began. We were increasingly tormented by what we were learning about child sex trafficking in the United States. Being appalled and despondent were no longer enough; we decided we had to do something. Having both been involved in numerous non-profit organizations over the years, either by serving them or starting them, we realized that together we had years of lessons learned and platforms built — platforms that could lead to influence against this awful crime.

We started making calls to get smarter about the issue and made an early decision to build a grassroots campaign, confident that thousands of others just like us would want to get involved and put an end to this heart-breaking form of slavery. We now found ourselves unable to sleep at night, no longer because of simply grieving over the issue, but because of the exciting people and ideas that started coalescing.

We sought counsel from people with the knowledge and experience on this issue in the U.S. State Department and beyond. We even received an invitation to come to the White House for a briefing, which was a further confirmation to keep working. Greg Wark and a host of elite retired military heroes empowered our passion and vision to go after the demand side of the issue and prosecute the predators. Rich Mauch of EventWorks invested hours of generous input and advice, helping craft the vision for a historic event on the streets of Manhattan and beyond. In October of 2008, Sundy Goodnight joined SCTNow as the National Campaign Director. The momentum was building.

Now here we are, with over 50 cities and 100 campuses involved in our fight against child trafficking. Our fellow abolitionists are walking, advocating, working with state and local governments and linking up with many other related organizations. We stand amazed at how many men, women, college students, and high-schoolers from all over the nation are signing up and rallying friends to join the army in fighting this modern-day slavery.

Just imagine what we can do together by eliminating child sex slavery for good. We are honored and humbled to have over 15,000 who have joined this war so far. Together, we are making history. It may take a lifetime, but this is a war we are determined to win.

For the Children,

Ron & Lynette Lewis, Founders, Stop Child Trafficking Now

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