Enjoyed reconnecting today with a woman I’ve met several times when speaking at her church.  She is bright, beautiful, never married at age 51, and was in need of a few new ideas for as she puts it, “getting out of my rut.”

She’s successful in her job but longs for new expressions and new people.  Here were my suggestions…

  • Find a business-related organization where you can volunteer, serve, or be selected for participation. The Assoc. of Leadership Programs includes many cities with programs that plug people in at the board and volunteer levels.
  • Never mind that your company has had some cutbacks, why not vision/plan an event that allows you to express new skills (her interest relates to “executive presence”) and aligns with company priorities, be that a client event or diversity initiative.
  • Gather a small group of colleagues (from work, friend or church circles) who meet once a month for one single purpose — to push one another to take practical steps in pursuing new dreams and goals.  Go around the circle each time you meet and say, “Here’s what I’m working on, here’s what I need.” Let the others weigh in, push, chide, cheer for, and hold accountable to move each person’s ball down the field.  Keep time and be sure everyone gets equal time to receive and give.  Meet every month.  Watch progress happen and enthusiasm grow.

In just 20 minutes on the phone she was motivated and encouraged.  I was too, since the best good advice is typically self-talk.

Ruts happen but aren’t meant to be permanent.  Let’s get going…

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