Some of you know I’ve had a really bad back spasm or pinched nerve or leaking discs or who knows WHAT for the last 3 weeks!  Talk about a pain in the you know where, not to mention all the doctor visits, medicines, and prayers for recovery, for which I’m grateful.

As an avid runner for over 30 years, 3 weeks without running has seemed like a tough cross to bear, though believe me, I realize my suffering is nothing compared to so many others. (A common saying in our house is, “This is nothing compared to Jordan’s trial,” referring to his indomitable spirit throughout fighting Stage 4 sinus cancer just a year ago…our son is our hero!)

Just a few days ago I was in NYC watching runners prance by enroute to Central Park, deeply jealous of them, wondering if I’d ever get back to something I enjoy so much. Today I finally felt good enough to try a run, it was really more of a walk/run, but anything felt like a big achievement. 

All this has been a great reminder that suffering is a regular part of life, and is a great teacher.  I’ve been remembering how precious health is, how much it means when friends care, how comforting prayer is and that it really does work (thank you my dear Lord!) 

Someone one said, “Never trust a teacher without a limp,” in other words, trust someone who has suffered and understands that life isn’t perfect, who knows how to persevere.

If you’re in a season of suffering, very soon it will look good on you, others will notice and you’ll have a story to share that brings them hope and help, real authentic help not just formulas.

If you’re not suffering right now, rejoice, and remember someone who is with a quick text or a sincere prayer.

Suffering is a pain, but it’s not without gain.  Here’s to many more running trails…

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