I’m in Detroit for 2 days, speaking 3 times for a wonderful church with a pastor’s wife I absolutely love, Connie LeLaCheur.

Tonight is their annual Christmas women’s event, where 450 women (a sold-out crowd) will come donned in gorgeous holiday attire, including dozens of single moms who will have been treated to a “day of beauty” this afternoon.  Connie does everything first-class.

I’ll be sharing a message entitled, “Surprise Gifts in Surprise Packages,” hoping to inspire the women young and old, to view their lives like adventurous stories with interesting twists, turns, and unexpected surprises, often packaged in unplanned ways.

Yesterday morning at the church I met Alice, an “overflowing cup” kind of woman, full of zest and joy.  She told me, “My children don’t come see me, nor do my family members, but I’m mom to dozens in this church, they call me Grandma Joy.”

Sharmin (helping me at the resource table) piped up and said, “Alice is the mom of the entire church!”  No surprise.  This lady exudes love and nurturing, who wouldn’t want her for a mom?

I felt an immediate kindred spirit with Alice, and think she perfectly exemplifies my message tonight….that life may not always come packaged the way we’d choose, but that doesn’t mean we’re cheated. We can give our lives away in the most creative of means, and find surprise gifts popping up everywhere.

Lord give us eyes to see your gifts, to appreciate the surprise packaging comprised of delays, disappointments, and people we may not choose. Help us realize every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father above, who gives out of unabashed love, and only for our good. 

Connie LeLaCheur, making it happen in Troy, Michigan!

Alice a.k.a. Grandma Joy

What I’m wearing to the Christmas ladies’ event tonight, love seasons of sequins!

If only all life’s gifts could come packaged like this!

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