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Cady with Suzanne Behr, and Carol McLeod

A few of us gathered around Cady last night to pray and speak blessings over their upcoming marriage.  What a gift to have praying friends who can look beyond the present circumstances into your bright future.

For years my life has literally depended on these kind of friends…women who run deep, think big, believe against the odds, and won’t let you quit.  Just like last night, they weep as they share all God is showing them, with scriptures of life, visions of possibility, and faith that refuses to let go or give up.  Every woman needs this type of support.  It’s how we’re made and what makes us thrive in ways only a woman can speak over us and to us.

Carol McLeod whose daughter is Joy, Cady’s maid of honor, hosted this gathering.  Carol is a power-house speaker/author, pastor’s wife and mother of five. She organized a perfect evening, including having us go around the circle doing a “What If…” way of dreaming what’s possible for Cady and Jordan.

  • What if your hope amidst cancer, gives hope to hundreds, if not thousands more?
  • What if your story of overcoming gives your generation a living example that God does heal, He does intervene?
  • What if going into your marriage knowing the battle you’ll face, gives you even more advantage for the marriage you dream of having?
  • What if the love that so powerfully moves through you Cady, is the exact love your husband needs to get well?

I cried off all my makeup as did most of us, such powerful love and Presence in that room of women, standing over the bride like a covering of grace, faith, and assurance.

Prayer changes things, and so do girlfriends who believe.


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