Pondering the fact that the more you have to love, the more you love.

We live in two cities, Raleigh and New York, and it’s not a matter of which I love more, but the fact that I love both.

True with cities, people, projects, and time. At first glance it would seem the more we have the more divided we feel.  But in reality I find it’s just the opposite.

Loving more multiplies the love. My friend Toni who has 10 children explained it to me years ago on several dimensions…”Each child multiplies the love, not divides it, and each one demands new levels of getting rid of selfishness too!”

Similarly, Ron and I often remark while on an airplane going from one of our cities to another, “I love it here, I love it there.”

At times I’ll feel a bit spent, like how will I go to one more meeting, respond to one more email?  But then I sit down and start writing, or get up and go anyway, and discover in the going that there were reserves yet untapped, richly stocked, waiting to be given.

We can all be tempted to pull back, hold back, in fear that we’ll run out of love, time, attention, focus. Certainly there is a stewardship issue of not getting too divided or scattered.  But my point here is that the more we pour, the more we have to pour.

So today, rather than hovering over what we have and protecting it like a child who thinks if I give it to you there will be less for me, let’s open wide our arms and lavish!


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