I cut into her like she was a piece of candy. Smooth, golden, perfectly oval like a late-summer jewel ready to make me smile.

But instead, she was tasteless. Like a boring counterfeit. Dollars wasted and tongue told to go home empty.

Then I remembered….the woman at the farmer’s market had mentioned, “People are complaining about things not having much taste this year. It’s the rain. So much rain waters down the taste. We can’t do anything about all this rain. It’s just the way it is.”

I guess her sign, “Sweet Cantaloupes” was just hopeful, and in my case not helpful.

I love a good melon, and was planning on wrapping this one, bite-size-sliced with Trader Joe’s prosciutto, tonight when we entertain friends. Guess it’ll be a melonless, though not meaningless, night at our house.

But back to the water thing….it strikes me that life is similar. We want more rain, long for more refreshment, when often what we need is more balance. Less rain, more sun, more dry days when richer growth happens.

Some of the most parched seasons in my career and life have produced the most tasty results in character, attitude, and pleasantness, not to mention a better eye for great taste in others.

So I threw out my melon, but I’m holding onto this truth…that the Lord of the Harvest knows, He really knows, how much rain and dry, sun and sky we need to taste right, and richly satisfy.

Now that’s a Truth to savor today.

I had great hopes for her.

I had great hopes for her.

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