You know a recipe is great when teenagers ask for it!

Image 4Summer is officially in motion at our home, with my first homemade iced tea jug in the fridge, ready for serving.  I’ve been making this recipe for years thanks to my friend Diane Raber who I’ve lost touch with but remember fondly for her iced tea.

Image 2I make gallons of it over the summer using fresh mint from our garden.  The boys love it and their friends have always asked for the recipe, which I know sounds odd for something as simple as iced tea but believe me, this concoction is great!

So here’s the simple recipe, one worth adding to your own repertoire.  Let’s raise our glasses to hot summer months ahead and  glasses of refreshment on the porch with those we love.

Image 3



Best-Ever Iced Tea

2 c. fresh mint leaves, washed

2 large bags Lipton Tea (family size bags, you can use decaf if you want)

2 small bags Constant Comment (again, use decaf if preferred.)

Boil water and pour over all the tea (mint and bags) in a 2-gallon container.  Let steep for several hours, then remove the bags and mint.   Stir in 3/4 c. agave nectar or sugar to taste.  Add additional cold water to fill the 2-gallon container to the rim.    Chill and enjoy!

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