Our daughter-in-law Cady posted a new blog on Saturday. It is powerful and poignant, and since many have asked how they are doing, I wanted to post the link today.

Cady’s ability to articulate real-life gutsy anguish is in my opinion, brilliant. Going through serious cancer that threatens life and takes you away from all you’ve known, is not for the faint of heart.

Would that there were simple formulas, no-fail guarantees, easy answers that come from fervent prayers.  If only an assurance that the good always get well and the bad — only the bad — suffer.

But life isn’t like that. Oh how we would give anything to get our precious kids out of this trial. Can’t pay their way, make their way, nor pray away all the tears that are inevitable on long, tough days.

BUT, when we read words like Cady’s, and hear their voices on the other end of the phone as they fight for understanding and insights usually reserved for old age, we are comforted. Comforted in that weird ironic way that every child knows via their parents’ discipline, discipline that’s needed but never wanted.

Let Cady’s words assure you today, you are not alone in the questions that remain. And no emotion, however intense, is ever too much for God.

Link to Jordan and Cady’s Blog 


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