Sometimes it’s good to spice it up a bit, know what I mean?

Growing up in the midwest we like our food comforting. Give me a meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and a funnel cake at the fair, and I’m a happy camper (and yes we do go camping a lot there too.)

Then marry a man with four boys, all of whom LOVE spicy, I mean REALLY spicy, and you’re challenged to shake up the palate with lots of  Sriracha and Tabasco , not to mention Nando’s perryperry sauce which evidently is appropriate for everything, at least everything cooked on a grill.

So I was faced with the choice of holding on to mild salsa as if it was a teddy bear OR diving in and testing the spicy waters.  So that’s what I did, I dove in, burnt tongue and all.

In doing so we discovered one fave recipe that works for all of us, and to me is the perfect combo of spicy and midwest creamy, it’s probably more Thai to be exact, but regardless, we love it and I thought you might too.  Nathan and Ailsa are in from Scotland for a month and he is a particular big fan of this, so we had it last night. Ron’s comment was, “This is THE BEST thing you ever make for us.”

As you know I’m all about sharing the love among friends, so here goes (click on the recipe photo and it will enlarge)…and I do believe it was Martha who first gave me this recipe (Martha Stewart, I feel like she and I are on a first-name basis given how much we’ve shared over the years.) Let me know if you like it as much as we do!


Image 1

I serve it with Trader Joe’s rice medley to add more oomph, and sometimes I add black beans to the rice. The creamy sauce doesn’t show much in this photo but it’s there. Tomato Caprese salad was extra.

Image 2



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