A darling 11 year old friend Belle Schall, asked if she could interview me for her “Humility Project” at school.  I was humbled she asked 🙂

We met yesterday and she had some very intriguing questions.  Thought you might enjoy this dialogue as much as I did…

Question:  What is humility? What does it look like?

Response: Humility is the recognition that who you are and what you do is a privilege and something you could not have achieved on your own.

Question: What does the opposite of humility look like?

Response: A self-focused arrogance that draws attention to one’s self.

Question: Comment on humility in relation to self-confidence and servant leadership, can they exist together?

Response: When someone walks into a room they give off one of two impressions, either, “Here I am,” or “There you are.” The first could be a form of confidence IF combined with the second.  True humility and servant leadership should lead with the second.  In short and ideally, “You are here, therefore I am here for you.”

Question: When you are the center of attention how do you express humility?

Response: When I am speaking on stage I share my weaknesses and tell stories of when I’ve struggled or suffered.  This creates relatability and the sense that we are all in this together.

I’m impressed that Belle is learning these truths at her age, and was personally reminded of how humility is a character trait worth cultivating throughout life. The more we grow, the more we know it takes grace to achieve anything.


Belle Schall, a lovely young woman


Belle takes after her awesome mom Sarah, who sent me home with a bottle of the BEST salad dressing, a sweet and sour type with lots of seeds and herbs.  She knows it’s my favorite. Thanks girls!!

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