For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed the Saturday morning ritual of going to a local flea market.  Each city’s markets are unique, and the treasure hunt is always a fun adventure on a day when I’m not in a rush and no make-up is required.

There’s very little talent necessary, just an eye for a deal and a learned skill for spotting treasures amidst junk.  This morning was a winner.  My summer home project of renovating our master bath had me hoping to find a very skinny table to go on one of the walls. 

Freddy was the very nice hero today, offering a perfectly funky super skinny table he spent hours stripping from bright yellow paint down to the very lovely wood grain.  The little hidden drawer was an unexpected bonus.

Thank you Freddy!

After making the deal I couldn’t refuse, I smiled overhearing two different people say as they passed me carrying it out to my car, “Now THAT is a fabulous table!”

Happy Saturday….


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