Isn’t this always the dilemma with goals and dreams…the tension between patience and proactivity?

Some of us are true Type A’s, always pushing ahead, impatient, wanting everything to be achievable NOW.

Others are cautious, not wanting to be seen as too arrogant, audacious, or self-serving.

So what’s the balance?  How do we really know when it’s our turn and time to make things happen?

There are certainly no easy formulas or guaranteed success moves.  I have however, found a few techniques that seem to maximize timing at every juncture.

1.  Practice Proactivity — Most people aren’t too aggressive when it comes to moving their dreams forward.  Instead, it’s fear, inactivity, and laziness that pose bigger threats.  To combat these my “1-1-1 Strategy” can really help.  It means taking one step toward one dream once a week. Even small steps yield big progress over the long-term, and sequential steps give you concrete data for analyzing continuous moves.

2. Consult Counselors — Many advisors make plans succeed, and nowhere does this play out better than in dream realization. Line up with those who have been there done that, seek out their advice, ask lots of questions, listen for the principles behind their answers and be accountable to those who won’t let you quit.

3.  Don’t Misread the Signs — Stop signs are not Quit signs. You must never EVER park at a stop sign.  Stop, look both ways, then MOVE.  If you don’t move you’ll hold up a whole lot of others coming after you, not to mention running out of gas and gusto. If you get lost you can always turn around, the point is to keep driving. Oh and don’t forget to enjoy the scenery made up of people and provisions you run into along even the most round-about rabbit trails.  The ride is part of the joy-package, perhaps even more than the destination.

Timing matters, and some of it we can control, other parts we can’t. My bottom line advice is do all you can at all times, but trust God’s bigger plan.  If a door closes, don’t take it personal. It’s really a sign that something better is coming.  I’ve been turned down for many jobs and got better offers later. Same with men whose rejection turned out to be redirection toward the grand prize.

Now is your time and when you simply keep moving, you WILL be right on time!


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