Danny Cahill had not slept in a bed with his wife for four years because he was so big he had to sleep in a recliner.

At 400+ pounds at his largest, his is a story of overcoming brokenness and pain that went beyond obesity issues into gambling, smoking, and a host of other addictions.

Danny and his equally awesome wife Darci, were with us this weekend and imparted motivation and a fresh wind of “want to,” on many dimensions of life.

Danny was the winner of Season 8 of ABC’s hit show, The Biggest Loser, losing the most weight of any contestant ever on the show.

It was a powerful moment on stage when he burst through the “before” image of himself at 400+ pounds, then shared his story of “losing his quit” and “finding his why.”

While Danny was on the Biggest Loser ranch for months, he didn’t know that Darci was at home losing 47 pounds of her own.

They talk about much more than weight loss though, and travel the country sharing their stories and motivating others to:

  • Lose Your Quit
  • Lose Your Regrets — Regrets are self-focused. Trainer Jillian Michaels says, “Let your bad decisions go.” Regrets hold you back from the life you want.
  • Find Your Why — When you find your “why” you can tolerate any “how.”

Danny describes the up and down cycle of losing 1000 pounds in 15 years yet still having to lose 239 lbs. on the show.  He lost his dad a year ago and has battled a nagging 20 lb. gain again in the last year.  “It’s an ongoing challenge to keep it off,” he says. “On the ranch you work out for hours and focus only on weight loss, that’s not real life.”

We talked at dinner about how most people know what they need to do, they have the tools, they just need accountability and motivation to get it done.

“My story is no more interesting than yours,” Danny said to the audience in closing. He quoted Zig Ziglar, “Motivation doesn’t last and neither does bathing, so do it daily!”

How true it is!  Here’s to a week of motivation and living your “Why!”

Ron and I with Danny and Darci Cahill.

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