In honor of Easter Weekend, I just had to post about Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, since I heard them share about their dream three months ago, and since I’ve been partaking of and LOVING their dream for the last 5 weeks.

They both have amazing resumes in Hollywood, but are convinced their credentials and success led them to this opportunity to do their biggest dream to date, that of producing the mini-series The Bible, which will culminate in its 5th episode this Sunday night on The History Channel.

You have to see it to believe it, as it’s so well done and truly riveting.  The Bible comes to life with excellence in every aspect, from the acting to the scenery to the musical score by Hans Zimmer.

Ron and I with Producer Mark Burnett

Ron and I with Producer Mark Burnett

This Sunday my husband Ron will bring the Easter message at King’s Park in Raleigh on Sunday morning and then in NYC that evening at Morning Star New York.  He will be showing this clip linked below, it’s called “Crave.” It is moving and powerful.

When I see someone else doing their dream with passion and excellence like Roma and Mark, it gives me inspiration to dream bigger, bolder, and not hold back.

Easter is about rising up… so raise your expectations, raise your hand, and raise your voice for every dream in your heart.

Happy Easter and Passover weekend everyone!





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