My dear friend, Mary Kay Blum, is going through chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.  Her daughter Katie is posting blogs on the journey, and this morning I was catching up on the latest posts.

One entry caught my attention…..Katie is a gifted writer, and these words are ministering to my soul in a deep way, with tears running down my cheeks I’m compelled to share themInspired by this family and praying for my friend’s complete recovery.

Perhaps joy is too powerful a force to be limited to smiles and laughter. Perhaps its existence is the most glorious when oozing forth from groaning cries and salty tears. Perhaps rainbow beams glitter more awe through stormy skies.  Perhaps light can better reflect off teardrops. Perhaps it is here where amazing grace is inhaled.

Because two thousand years past He penetrated the threshold from heavenly to dust, that He might be called Immanuel, God with us. With us through the laughter. With us through the sorrow. With us in the fruitfulness. With us in the barrenness. With us in the constancy. With us in the change.

And this answer resonates within. Joy is not subject to the laughter. The fruitfulness. The constancy. It is found prior, in the miracle of the “with us.” In the existence of light dwelling upon broom’s crumbs. Of heavenly resting on dust. Of beauty among the ashes. Of Immanuel with us.

Mary Kay on the right, with Sandy Redmond and Carrie Kittinger, so love these long-time friends!

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