“Now that will preach!” is a common phrase around our home.  And this time it involves begonias.

I’ve planted these lovely flowers every year for the last six.  The routine begins in April when I scour Home Depot for the perfect pink, red, and white little starter plants, the right shade leaf (who knew there were leaf options?), and the right moment to convince a busy husband that his time has come.

We’ve got our routine down to an art. I place them. He digs the hole. I position and pat them in. He waters.  We both wait til they grow big and beautiful.  They last til the first frost at which point I pull them out and dump them in our woods.

But this year, THIS year I tried something new.  Instead of pulling them out we trimmed them down (actually our dear friend Whitney trimmed them down, thanks Whit!)  And oh my oh my, they are all growing back!!  And yes they will be twice as big this year because 2nd year growth always supersedes the first.  (stay tuned for “pride pics” as they grow!)

Little tiny green shoots pushing out from the mulch, determined to LIVE!

Little tiny green shoots pushing out from the mulch, determined to LIVE!

So here’s the preach….how many times do we pull out, dig up, and tear down something or someone because they look dried up?  We get so impatient and figure throwing out is better than holding out.  Ron often says, “Don’t curse in frustration what you built in hope.”

I’m determined to do a better job of practicing what he preaches, with landscaping and moreso with people and things that may just come alive again if I let them.

How about you? What looks “over and done” that may grow back given time, faith, and patience?


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