Here are my two take-it-everywhere items that are must-haves when you travel…

My sister bought me this wonderful little Louis Vuitton that is perfect for vacations. It’s just the right size for a phone, lipstick, hand gel, and a tropical nail color like “Candy” from Revlon (which I’m wearing this week in Maui.) The little gold chain is easy to hold and not encumbering when you’re heading to the beach or out for dinner.  One of my favorite treasures (the bag AND my sister!)

This bag is great as it folds up with velcro and packs light-weight and easy into the suitcase, but then unfolds and becomes a classy and easy carry-all when you head down to the beach with a bottle of water, sunscreen, books and magazines.  I found this at Charlotte’s in Raleigh but here is an online link for similar styles,

Happy Tropical Traveling!

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