Macayla Rowe and her beautiful bun

Macayla Rowe and her beautiful bun

I’m always amazed at how few people take a critical look at themselves in light of the trends.  When I mentioned this over lunch on Saturday I got a resounding agreement from four girlfriends, ages 17 to 45.

Macayla Rowe, the 17 yr old, had the cutest bun on top of her head, which is what started the conversation. It’s such a trend these days and  one I absolutely love.

Truth is however, not every face is made for a top-of-head bun. Mine included. My forehead and hairline are just not right for the straight-pulled-back look; neither is my age. But oh how I wish I could do it!

The more we all talked it was fun hearing other trends that deserve a “maybe not for me” perspective…

  • “Bright colored jeans — You gotta have the right thin legs,” one said.
  • “And no shorts with blazers for working women,” another chimed in.
  • “Uh and leggings, PLEASE, without a small toned bumb you bettter be putting a long top over it!” was a last retort.

Just because we love something doesn’t mean it’s for us. True in fashion, work choices, trends, and men.

Admiring something on others is often a great way to enjoy a trend. The challenge is to be careful and honest, because there’s  freedom in a possible no, as much as a have-to yes.

So I’ll keep enjoying the cute bun girls I’m seeing everywhere these days, and watch for another trend that’s more my style. Hmm…Farrah Fawcett anyone?

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