Monday night at our Love Your Life event in NYC, Tanea Smith shared about her decision to quit watching TV. This mother of two works full-time AND has built an incredible stationary company called, She’s Got Papers, so clearly she’s faced tough choices on a daily basis.

Her story reminded me of something I read a few days ago, about the fact most of us watch an average of four hours of TV a day, or consume information via the internet meaning boat loads of data are coming at us from every  side. Our brain attaches meaning and emotion to every piece of data that comes in, so no wonder we can feel easily drained with not much room left for creative decision-making.

Rather than letting this data come in randomly without filters, we would do better to choose carefully what we see and hear. It’s no different than eating healthy, refusing to let junk food in.

Tanea inspired all of us to proactively choose rather than simply letting things happen. When she got pregnant at 18 and found herself at home with a son, she chose to aggressively go out and find a job, then many more jobs over the years that have yielded skills and confidence to go after bigger dreams.

She now carries in her wallet her welfare card from early years and her American Express card, reminders of the progress made and the choices that have led to success beyond her dreams.

What simple adjustments should you and I make today to carve out room for something new? Promotion takes proaction, and a few small adjustments yield significant outcomes over time.  Even 15 minutes a day directed toward a dream, an idea, can create profound momentum and propel us forward.

Living our dreams is about time more than talent. So take time, make time, and in no time you’ll see more of what you’re dreaming of start to happen.

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