Sometimes I get excited over little things… 

We’ve planted begonias in our front yard for the last six or so years because I love how they flower all season long, are hearty and grow BIG even if you start with small little plantings.  The pink, red, and white combo works beautifully in front of the house color of dark gray.

When the first hard frost hits they turn brown and ugly overnight, so we pull them out and dump them in the woods. 

A year ago we must’ve missed one, because it surprisingly came back this past summer among our fresh plantings, and grew to twice their size.

So this fall I decided to experiment…instead of pulling the dead ugly ones up we trimmed them down to the ground and left the roots.

Today to my delight, in early January, I look down at all the apparent deadness and there discovered beautiful tiny green shoots already pushing through.  Last night was a VERY hard frost and these little guys are undeterred!

Which led me to a lesson about life.  So often things, people, circumstances look dead, and we want to rip them up and throw them out so we never have to look at them again.

But if we instead cut away what’s dead and leave the root system they may just come back to life again.

I can’t wait to see what our summer beds will hold, not to mention the pleasure of not having to start from scratch and lose all that’s invested.  Keep looking and be patient my friends, there’s a good chance there’s life in your root systems…Happy pruning!

Signs of life…the small green shoots pressing through dead stalks and mulch.

I caught this beautiful monarch butterfly on camera, enjoying our begonias too.

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