Disappointment is an interesting thing…

Seems it’s always crouching near, waiting to rear its ugly head, causing a heart sadness and making everything look gray.

The day after Christmas can bring these emotions…the dynamics of family (good and bad) fresh in our memory, letdowns after all the seasonal hype, heading back to work, facing debts from holiday expenses.

My husband has been a great inspiration with a mantra he lives by…

Expect nothing, appreciate everything.

When we expect nothing and wonderful things transpire, we know the surprise “ahh yes” moments that take us off guard with pleasure.

At the same time, I’m a big believer in raising our expectations in order to go after more and not be content with small dreams and crumbs off the table.

So what’s the balance?

Perhaps it’s about WHERE we put our expectations.  If I expect things of others, with little to no control over how they end up delivering, I’ll face many disappointments.  If on the other hand, I put my expectations firmly in the faithfulness of God and His desire to surprise us with gifts, different than what we might ask for but better than we imagine, I’m set up for surprise joy.

It’s a discipline that starts in the mind and is one worth exercising. We choose to live with full hearts loaded with expectations of good and blessings and unexpected pleasures, but enroute to having those, we choose contentment and decide to wait on God vs. pressuring others (jobs, bosses, relationships) to deliver.

Speaking of delivery, if you’ve been following my journey of decorating our living room then you know the saga of our couch issues….stay tuned for photos on how Plan B is turning out, hopefully posting on that this week.

In the meantime, happy Boxing Day shopping (we’re heading out with our gang to snag a few deals then see the new movie Les Misérables.)  May surprise deals and delights meet you at every turn!

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