There are 100 million singles (over 18) in the U.S. alone, yet many feel like one of only a handful missing out on Valentines Day.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce the launch of my newest book, Remember the Roses — How to Hold Out, Hang On, and Marry the Man of Your Dreams

I wrote this book for anyone waiting for true love and those needing fresh encouragement plus a few practical tools for navigating the journey toward lasting love. The title comes from a vision I had of a Road lined with Roses, and the book is written in three distinct sections.

The first section is a quick and easy read about my own ups, downs, heartbreaks and headaches on a long road to a happy ending that included one worth-the-wait husband and four awesome sons.

The second section is called, “Gifts and Lessons from the Journey,” highlighting many treasures not fully visible until later. Chapters like, “Dreaming Big for Your Life” and “Celebrating Now” showcase the many surprise gifts to be enjoyed while love tarries.

The final section includes excerpts from my journals, dealing with common emotions often present in the wait yet seldom discussed publicly, things like, “I Feel Powerless,” and “I’m Stifled and Squelched,” among others. For each journal entry there are scriptures — the Truth that sets us free to be honest with our emotions yet move through them to a place of confidence and strength.

Over the next several weeks I’ll be blogging excerpts from the book along with video blogs that feature a special “Rose of the Week” and its meaning.

I would love to hear from YOU as we build a company of committed visionaries worldwide, those choosing to Remember the Roses on the sometimes rocky pathway to love and living our dreams.

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