Yesterday our faith officially became sight.

We decided to all dress up for the occasion, not sure why except that it just seemed right to wear our Sunday best for such a monumental moment.

Arriving at the family court with our attorney, we were ushered into the judge’s chambers around 10 til 2. The judge was warm, kind, and excited to finally meet us after working on our case for months leading up to this date. Turns out we were his first adoption case having only taken this bench in January.

He went over some paperwork, asked for several more signatures, then read what was music to our ears, first for Victoria, then for Isabella, saying,

“Therefore, from this day forward and forevermore, this child shall be known as Victoria Joy Lewis.”  When he repeated the same for Isabella he added, “….this beautiful child shall be known as Isabella Grace Lewis.”

Both beautiful, forevermore ours. We couldn’t hold back the tears and he was choked up as well, so were others in the courtroom, including our dear nanny/assistant Galen, the stenographer, policewoman/guard, assistant attorney, and several others. You could feel the sobriety, joy, and destiny in that moment.

What an incredible last 8 months! Learning about the pregnancy mid-December, in the midst of fighting for our son Jordan’s life. Having laid down this dream of babies a hundred times before, in the summer I had finally taken a number of baby gifts out to the garage. They were headed for a garage sale, the sale we never had because of Jordan’s needs.

When we heard about this pregnancy I was faced with the ominous reality of getting hopes up once again. I cried out in prayer the next morning, “God I can’t do this again. Please help us know what to do. I want to believe this could possibly be our miracle, but really, at age 51, in the middle of menopause?!” It all felt like a whirlwind crazy, yet maybe we should try again and believe.

A call was set up with the birth mother days later, a casual chat without assurance that we were being seriously considered. Then on Christmas eve, amidst the flurry of having our entire family home for the holidays, she called to say she had chosen us to adopt these baby girls!  Three weeks to go til their due date. Glad for a week or two to get ready. We would surprise the boys with the news the next morning by wrapping up the baby gifts pulled out from the garage.

Then, at 8 am the next morning, on Christmas Day the babies came!  After an unforgettable family time of weeping and rejoicing, by mid afternoon we were on the plane to go meet our daughters in the hospital, hugging them for the first time around 11:30 p.m. Christmas night.

We arrived with no clothes, diapers, car seats, or baby formula. Just a dream miraculously coming true.

Years ago while crying my eyes out at the bathroom sink, I felt the Lord say, “Your story, my Glory.” And indeed it has been via the simple little video we put together to share the news with our church family and friends. It has gone viral three times and been seen by a million people. Our story, His Glory. So many hearts  needing a reminder of God’s faithfulness. The video is still linked on the front page of and here:

Our adoption is “independent,” meaning we know the birth mother but don’t maintain regular contact. We LOVE her so much! She is brave, courageous, strong, and selfless. We will be forever bonded to her in inexpressible ways. Ron said after meeting her, “I wish we could adopt her too!” And in a sense we have, knowing we will carry her in our hearts forever, grateful so grateful she brought forth their precious lives.

What seemed so long in coming turns out was right on time. In a year when our family would know the agonies of loss, and the triumph of grace. Tears of grief in one breath, joy and laughter in the next. Living without, growing within. Days of emptiness, nights of bottle feedings and wonder at God’s inexpressible ways. A mix we would never have chosen. Gifts we will never trade.

There are many more dimensions of this story to share, and we hope to publish the full story soon, but let me simply close with this encouragement today….

You can trust God. Amidst the questions, the agonies, and the pain. When darkness without even a glimmer prevails. When you look at your accounts and see only withdrawals and even bankruptcy on many levels. Though you’ve cried out with only apparent silence and zero answers in return. YOU CAN TRUST GOD. He is not asleep but is busy designing. Planning an outcome with ripple effects that reach far beyond your immediate dream. Working in you tenacity and perseverance. It takes guts to believe. And you are gutsy and strong. Stronger than you think. And because of all He thinks about you, you will make it.

And when you get to the other side, the side of open doors and fresh winds, when answers become evident and you see above the clouds what was planned all along, in that moment you will cry again. But this time not for desperation. This time thankful that you held on to that tiny little shred of hope and simply chose to believe.

I believe in you today. You and your relentless dream.

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