Today’s How-to-Wait Tip:  Turn Down the Heat

I used to say about my very long wait for a husband….”I feel like a pot of boiling water that’s about to boil over. Someone please DO something!!”

Part of what created the boiling was thinking a lot about marriage.  Now granted, preparing is always a good thing. Reading books, talking to veterans, getting a real and strong sense of what’s needed to get ready inside and out.

BUT, if all I do is think about what I’m waiting for, be it marriage, a new job, pregnancy, or whatever, the heat of desire rises and often so does frustration.

It’s important to strike a healthy balance between acknowledging desire and preparing for the future.  Practical choices can help manage this tension.

I never bought a wedding magazine until I was engaged.  It may sound strange, but it was one way I could keep from a fantasy-driven preoccupation with the concept of romance and weddings. This type of discipline in a few practical ways can really lower the heat and bring needed rest while we actively wait.

Waiting doesn’t have to be agonizing, with a few practical choices that work for you, you can dream of your future yet delight in your present, which really is a present!

Have a wonderful week, enjoying your gifts….

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