Our front door was fine, really it was.  Brown and boring, been this way for years, and fine.

What if we paint it?  YES, what color?  Oh, but we’re so busy.  And really, it’s just a door.

Never mind that everyone who visits walks through this door.  Who cares that inside the brown color darkens the entire entrance and looks outdated.  We’re accustomed to this boring, brown door.

Imagine it RED.  Shiny, brilliant, glossy red.  Perfectly complementing the front porch cushions.  And white inside, how glowy and lovely and bright.

But really, it’s only a door.

Wow, we LOVE our new front door.  Of course the door is actually not new.  But the color is.  And so is the feeling inside and out.  Small changes, new atmosphere, so glad.

What one change can you make at home, work, relationally, that may open the door to a refreshing change in the atmosphere?

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