I came up with a new phrase the week we got married in 2004.

It started at my bridesmaid luncheon, then continued the following day while freezing our little bums off in Central Park taking wedding photos for 2 hours in 45 degrees.

The phrase is simply this: Drink It In!

Drink it in…

  • Because you’ve waited for THIS season a long time
  • Because these people may move away and you’ll miss them
  • So you won’t be sad when this is over
  • Because THESE are the good old days

Drink it in when I’m potty training toddlers, desperate for alone time, sleepless and restless and look a mess. Drink in the weather, the noises, the smells and little details, the “What should I make for dinner” and the “Really wish I had a new job.”

Stopping to relish the moment is so easy yet not easy to remember. So I’m reminding you (and me) to do it.

Here comes 2020 (love the sound of that, anyone having a baby on 02/20/2020, how cool will that birth date be?!)

A new decade with new adventures. Here’s to drinking it in!

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