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There she glows again…

I honestly love this lamp.  A–because it was free, B–because it’s Hollywood glam.  Only problem? She’s been crooked from the beginning, wobbly in the shade.

The story began on my way out the door of the Tulsa Deloitte offices nearly 14 years ago, when I offered to trade my boring-but-stable desk lamp for this little number. Rhonda, the office manager, gladly accepted.  After all, boring and stable may just be better than glam and twisted, though not for me.

Lamp and I moved to NYC 18 months later and she’s been perfect in my bedroom ever since, though still unstable, so you simply let her alone and hope no one bumps her the wrong way.

On Thursday last week I decided, “The time has come,” and schlepped her in my arms down the street three blocks to a random light repair shop I’ve walked by a hundred times.

One hour later, just one hour and only $40 for the fix, she was stable and new.  I can’t believe I lived with dysfunction so long when function was just a few blocks away.

Which made me think about life.  How often do we let broken areas of our hearts and souls remain status quo, when healing and wholeness are nearby?  We’d rather work around it, make do, substitute paper clips and twisty ties in hopes of stabilizing weak structures, instead of investing just a little bit of time and effort in order to really shine.

This hit home when a couple nights ago my husband lovingly pointed out a pattern in my own soul that needs tweaking (tweaking, grace, prayer, all of it really.) Life has a way of illuminating rough patches in hearts and minds, and it’s a gift that we actually get to choose whether to manage around it, or get it right.

Which leads me back to my lamp, which is even more beautiful now, because things sparkle more when they’re fixed.  Brokenness happens, but we don’t have to live with it.

So whose with me here??  Let’s do the work so we can shine.


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