I had a bone density test two weeks ago at the radiology lab, and ran into a dear friend who was in for a breast biopsy.
It felt like divine timing to be there together, reminiscing about how we both got through breast cancer a few years ago. Here we were back in a radiology lab where scary memories can rear their ugly head, which made us very happy to be together.
My test results were fine, and her biopsy turned out “all clear” too. Happy texts went back and forth, so grateful for wellness and wholeness this time.
“Wholeness” is an intriguing word isn’t it? But what is “wholeness” anyway? It certainly goes beyond the physical realm. Can we ever really achieve it? How will we know if we do?
Dr. Barbara Lowe, renowned psychologist and my dear friend, has made it her life work to help men and women achieve wholeness in their hearts, minds, and souls, which impacts physical wholeness as well.
She and I sat down recently to record a podcast on the subject, which I’m linking here.

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