I’m preparing for a keynote/speaking event tomorrow evening at Georgia Tech University, and asked the young woman organizing it to poll the attendees.  Here are some of their questions, which I thought you might find interesting like I did…

  1. Nailing the Interview (This was the most popular by far. Almost everyone mentioned this)
  2. Interaction in an office full of men and how to be taken seriously as a woman in a male-dominated field
  3. Branding/marketing yourself
  4. Challenges a woman experiences in the workplace because we are women, and how to deal with them
  5. How to set yourself apart from others in your field and in a predominantly male environment.
  6. Working with other women (competitiveness)
I’m very excited to present on these and other related topics, and am planning to publish a small booklet entitled, “Nailing the Interview, Getting the Job” very soon.  Stay tuned for more on this and other related tools for helping women lead with success!
Is this the type of woman it takes?  We’ll discuss…

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