Simple thoughts today….

Someone needs exactly what YOU have. Your story through your lips. Give what you have. Give it liberally. Don’t hold back. Refuse to compare to others.Cast inadequacy aside.

Not going to let fear shut your mouth or make you timid. Be bold and courageous, because so few are and the world needs more of exactly that. Whatever is in your heart you must do. Do that one thing you so intensely want to do and can’t get away from no matter how long you wait or try to let it go. Because it’s your assignment. It’s been put in you so that you will conceive, carry, and birth it.

So many times in my life felt like crumbs. Had no idea in the world how to even begin. Felt so small against what was so big.

  • Thrust into fundraising when I’d never raised a dime.
  • Inherited four teenage boys and had no idea what they wanted or needed.
  • Married a pastor and thought, “These churches deserve someone so much more nurturing and pastoral than me.”
  • Got to NYC and felt all my colleagues were smarter, more savvy, and certainly more confident than I would ever be.
  • Publishing deal in hand and zero sense of what to write, how to fulfill what I’d so eagerly promised I could pull off.

Over and over. Insecurity. Loneliness. Frustration. Wishing I could be parachuted to some golden spot where timidity is washed away and constant courage remains.

The discovery is this….in these moments we learn strength. Learn it and earn it. Need it and receive it. Discover how to be strong, then take the learning and multiply it to others coming after us. Recognize that all of it meant something. Perfect preparation for what’s yet ahead.

Whatever you have now, this is what you need. It’s really what you want. What you’ve prayed for in your highest prayers, those moments when you cast caution to the wind and say, “Lord, anything, do anything, give me anything I need for what You want.”

And so He does exactly that.


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