Today I have a fun treat to let you in on…my dear friend Anitra (fabulous blogger ofThe MamaZone) has nominated me in the Yahoo “Women Who Shine” competition, with a winning prize of $10,000.

I am humbled and honored by this nomination, especially from Anitra.  Not only is she a wife and mother, but a social media guru, positively influencing women all over the world.  For the past few months she has helped spearhead our church’s Leading On Purpose series involving 100 women who want to know their purpose and live their dreams more strategically.

While this Yahoo nomination is exciting, I’d love for you to consider the women that shine in your life.  What makes them shine and how can you glean from their influence?

Here is a short video Anitra put together for this nomination, I’d be delighted if you watch it, share it, and if you fee led, to vote (voting link below.) Voting ends this Monday.

Click Here to Vote

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