Two friends I love and admire are working together for a fun idea benefiting a cause we love.


Elizabeth (left) and Kimberly (right) both wearing beautiful W for Worth ensembles in order to support the ensemble of African Children’s Choir!

Elizabeth Stewart and Kimberly Hight are hosting a “W by Worth” trunk show for “Friends of Mirembe” the organization that raises funds and awareness for The African Children’s Choir.

Kimberly, a home interiors designer is also a Worth representative and she’s just like the company she reps — classy and high-quality.

Elizabeth, a woman with abundant talent, tirelessly and successfully advocates for the Mirembe House  IMG_6537(where the Choir lives) in addition to raising three beautiful daughters and being a wife and partner to her husband, Pastor Taylor Stewart of Kings Park Raleigh.

I watch these two join forces and am reminded that women with individual dreams do even more when they unite those dreams.  And when it involves beautiful clothes and beautiful children, even better!!

Their event runs through today, 10 am – 2 pm at The North Hills Club in Raleigh. Saturday in Durham by appointment Contact Kimberly Hight [email protected]

Have you ever done something unique to benefit a cause you love? Please share it with us!

Is there a friend whose energy combined with yours could be a dynamic combo?


With our son Johnluke a few years back at American Idol when we accompanied the African Children’s Choir, we love these amazing kids!



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